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Euonymus Fortunei

Covergreen Euonymus Fortunei
Covergreen Euonymus Fortunei
Covergreen Euonymus Fortunei
Covergreen Euonymus Fortunei

Euonymus Fortunei

English name: spindle

An exceptionally strong and attractive ground cover plant that grows easily and tolerates trimming very well.

The Euonymus plant mat prefers a sandy or loamy soil with sufficient humus. Euonymus does not thrive well on clay soil because, in this soil type, the roots of the plant mats are not sufficiently aerated. However, the plant mat does well at moist positions. Euonymus tolerates salt relatively well.


Properties of Euonymus Fortunei ‘Hort’s Blaze:


  • Position: sun, half shade
  • Leaf colour: red/brown in autumn
  • Flowering: yellowish green in June/July
  • Height: 20 to 45 cm
  • Use: ground cover plant, hedge, park
  • Soil type: no preference
  • Evergreen: yes
  • Moisture: regular to slightly moist
  • Growth type: creeping


Additional information on Euonymus Fortunei ‘Hort’s Blaze’

In the autumn, the leaves of Euonymus fortunei ‘Hort’s Blaze’ turn remarkably red and brown. Euonymus turns light green in springtime. It is a fully hardy ground covering shrub with a flat growth type, developing a width of one and a half metres

Use: ground cover plant, in groups, as a hedge
Habitat: roadsides, residential and working environment, roundabouts
Maintenance: tolerates strong trimming; trimming in late spring (March)
Special features: low growing, bushy, growing strongly in width
Can also be used as a climbing plant on small walls and stones
Euonymus forms beautiful contrasts and can be combined very well with other plants.


Some examples:

Waldsteinia (barren strawberry)
shrub roses

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