Will Covergreen win the ‘Golden Can’ award?

The Gouden Gieter (Golden watering can) Award is an initiative of the Dutch magazines Stad + Groen and De Hovenier. This award has been introduced to show and stimulate durable water solutions. Covergreen is one of the nominees, and we are pretty proud of that. 


‘De Gouden Gieter’ is a competition for innovative and convenient solutions when it comes to water problems. We suffer more and more from the consequences of too much or too little water. It either rains cats and dogs or we fight the drought. The results of climate change also strike Europe. But Holland is known for its progressive watering solutions all over the world!


Covergeen competes for this award with our newest product: the 30×30 plant mat. This beautiful and green ground cover fills up the space of one common tile exactly. The result: instant green and maintenance free!

The Covergreen plant mats can collect and hold water, to deliver it again when needed. They also filter fine dust and turn CO2 into oxygen!

The winner of the Golden Can will be announced at Thursday the 21st of November, during the Climate Fair in Houten (Holland).

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