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Hedera (Ivy)

Covergreen Hedera
Op deze afbeelding zie je de wortels van een Covergreen plantenmat
Klimop plantenmatten op een talud
Covergreen Hedera

Covergreen Hedera (Ivy)

English name: Ivy

The Ivy plant has a large, dark green leaf with light grains and is extremely perennial. The Ivy knows several sorts with all kinds of varieties.


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Features Hedera (Ivy)

  • Family: Araliaceae
  • Leaf color: green
  • Leaf form: crenated, older leaves are oval
  • Blooming color: green, yellow
  • Blooming period: September till November
  • Perennial: strong perennial
  • Evergreen
  • Stand: sunny, half shadow, shadow
  • Habitat: normal soil (moist, not too wet)
  • Special features: creeper and ground cover, extremely suitable for inclines, slopes or ditches



Maintenance Hedera (Ivy)



The Ivy used by Covergreen® (Hedera helix Woerner) is growing slower than the Hedera hibernica. This offers a large benefit in maintenance: it can be controlled much better. Disturbing off shoots that may appear, can easily been cut away, to remain the wanted shape.

Pruning can also result in rejuvenation of the perennial plant, if wanted. Grown plants will grow more slowly, in order to start blooming and bearing fruit. Therefor you keep the plant young by pruning it. Pruning is best done in February, or right after frost. You can also prune later in the growing season, only on cloudy days.


When to plant Hedera

You can plant Ivy all year long. We only strongly discourage to install Hedera when the soil is frozen. The roots will not be able to stick to the soil efficient.


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Application Hedera

The Hedera plant is also known as Ivy. This ground cover is suited for large planting. For example at forest borders, thickets, public green and in gardens. The Hedera combines very well with perennial (forest) border plants, but needs some space. It is a strong plant which can handle almost any circumstances. Also a difficult environment like the city.


Hedera is also the ideal plant for installing an evergreen carpet. The main benefit: it will prevent weed from sprouting in case of a dense cover. Ivy is originally a climber, which makes it an excellent ground cover. The Hedera has a slightly resinous smell.

Conversion factor

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