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Covergreen Hedera
Covergreen Hedera
Covergreen Hedera
Covergreen Hedera

Covergreen Hedera

English name: ivy

Hedera has rather big, dark green leaves with light veins and it is fully hardy. There are many different varieties of ivy, with a lot of variations.


Properties of Hedera

  • Family: Araliaceae
  • Leaf colour: green
  • Leaf shape: lobed; adult plants: oval
  • Flower colour: green
  • Flowering period: September to December
  • Hardiness: fully hardy
  • Evergreen: yes
  • Position: full sun, partial shade, shade
  • Habitat: regular soil, moist soil

Special features: climbing plant, ground cover plant, exceptionally well suited for inclines or banks of ditches.




Additional information on Hedera:

Ivy is suitable to be planted in combination with many different plant species, e.g. in edges of woods, boscages, public parks and in gardens. Hedera can be combined very well with perennials that are suitable for wood edges and borders, but it should not be put too close to them. This strong plant can cope with almost all conditions; even difficult environments such as the city climate, it tolerates exceptionally well.


Hedera is the perfect plant for installation of an evergreen tapestry, with the great benefit of minimising weed germination in soil that is fully covered by ivy. Originally, it is a climbing plant, but it is also an excellent ground cover plant. Its smell is somewhat resinous.


The adult plants stop climbing, and they will flower and bear fruits. You can keep the plant juvenile by frequent trimming, which should be done in February or directly after frost.

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