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Sedum roofing cassettes a Sedum roof ready-to-use solution

Covergreen® Sedum green roof ready-to-use cassettes
Covergreen Sedum
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Sedum roof garden
Courtyard with Sedum cassettes
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Covergreen sedum roof ready-to-use cassettes
Covergreen sedum ready-to-use

Sedum roofing

The Sedum cassettes by Covergreen® have been grown with several species of Sedum. These cassettes provide a quick and easy way to cover your roof with Sedum. The individual Sedum cassettes can be connected easily and provide an instant green result.



Technical data Covergreen Sedum cassettes:

Size: L57 x W38 x H8 cm (4,6 tray per m²)

Dry weight: 53 kg / m²

Saturated weight: 77 kg / m²



Application Sedum roofing

Sedum cassettes can be installed all year long and are available all year long. You do not need to build up your Sedum roofing anymore, with this product, and installation of your green roof will run smoothly and flawless.


Every tray is provided with a substrate which ensures a long lifetime, because of its mineral components. This substrate offers the water buffering power which is needed during heavy raining. In dry periods the Sedum plants will profit from this supply.


If you need to access your roof, because of maintenance, you can easily remove your Sedum cassettes. And they can be reinstalled just as quick and easy thanks to their modular system.


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Maintenance Sedum roofing


Fertilizer for a Sedum roof

Fertilizing may be the most important aspect of maintenance for your Sedum roof. Given the weight of the roof that needs to be limited, we use a substrate / nutritious base. This keeps the plants healthy and growing. The Myco-Sedum by EcoStyle is a good organic fertilizer for Sedum roofs. We recommend to fertilize your Sedum cassettes in spring, and eventually again in autumn.



Gravel edge aroun a Sedum roof

If you use a gravel edge around the Sedum cassettes, you need to check if they remain free of pollution like leaves, weed and Sedum growing. Not only because of the looks, but also to keep you gravel well-drained.



Check the rainwater drains from a Sedum roof

Check your drains a few times a year, to keep them from clogging and to prevent your roof from becoming a water basin. Too much water will damage your Sedum plants and can damage your roof as well.


Watering a green roof

Sedum cassettes (NL: cassettes ipv cassetes) are provided with their own water buffering system, to bridge most dry periods. During a long dry period you can help your Sedum roof by permeate your green roof once a week with a large amount of water.



Weeds on a green roof

Weeds can also grow on a green roof. You can keep your roof weed free with approximately 3 maintenance rounds a year.



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When to plant Sedum roofing

A Sedum cassette won’t be planted, but will be installed on your roof instead. For these cassettes, there is no difference between remaining in a nursery or on your roof. Therefor the Sedum cassettes can be installed all year round.



Sedum ground covers

Next to our ready to use Sedum cassettes, Covergreen also offers Sedum ground cover plant mats. These are meant for actual ground covering. These are pure Sedum plant mats, which can be installed on natural soil. They do not have the cassette with drainage layer and water buffering substrate.



You can check if your municipality provides subsidies for green roofs.


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Conversion factor

N pieces per m2







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