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Sedum cassettes a Sedum roof ready-to-use solution

Covergreen® Sedum and a Sedum roof ready-to-use cassettes
Covergreen Sedum
Large courtyard garden with Sedum
Sedum roof garden
Courtyard with Sedum cassettes
Sedum Roof top
Sedum on roof
Sedum green roof
Covergreen sedum roof ready-to-use cassettes
Covergreen sedum roof cassettes

Covergreen® Sedum roof Cassettes. These ready-to-use Sedum roof trays are covered with several species of Sedum vegetation, which cover your roof with Sedum, quick and easy.

The individual Covergreen® Sedum Cassettes are easy to connect and provide an instant green result. Most Sedum roofs solutions should be build layer by layer, but because of the simple installation of these Sedum trays there is no change of mistakes. And: the Covergreen® Sedum Cassettes can be installed all year round.

The Sedum tray has a layer of substrate that offers a long life because of its mineral components. This substrate offers also an important power to buffer water during heavy raining. In a dry period, the Sedum plants take advantage of these supplies. A fertilizer is not necessity, but we recommend it to keep the quality of your Sedum roof as high as possible. Fertilizers like Ecostyle provides offer a precisely tuned compotion.

If you need to reach your roof, the modular Covergreen® Sedum Cassettes are easy to remove and to reinstall.

Technical data
Format: L57 x B38 cm x H8 cm (4,6 tray per m²)
Dry weight: 53 kg / m²
Saturated weight: 77 kg / m²

Next to these ready-to-use Sedum Cassettes Covergreen offers the Sedum plant mats, intended for ground covering. These are just Sedum plant mats, which can be installed on normal soil, but do not contain a cassette, drainage layer or water buffering substrate.

Conversion factor

N pieces per m2







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