Sedum roof cassettes | Kok hovenier RidderKerk

Hedera helix ‘Woener’ | MR Dienstleistungs AG Germany

Backyard with Vinca minor ‘Atropupurea’ | R&R Landscaping

Sloping roof with Sedum cassettes | Kok hoveniers Ridderkerk

Hedera helix ‘Woerner’ | MR dienstleistungs AG

Roof gardens in combination with Sedum surfaces | Rijk tuinen

Vinca minor ‘Atropurpurea’ | Svenskanaturtak

Vinca minor ‘Alba’ by Corné Batenburg

Sedum roof Baldur

Green roof on an underground car park

Renovating a green roof with ready-to-use Sedum cassettes

Sedum as ready-to-use roof cover

Sedum rooftop

Groundcovers underneath a roller coaster

Classic green garden at a beautiful manor

Private project with Sedum for a green roof

Our ground cover project in Hungary – 4 months later (Vinca minor and Waldsteinia)

One year later, Covergreen® groundcovers on slope at pedestrian tunnel

Beautiful project in Budapest (Márta Nágel-Fischer, Gábor Pottyondy)

A beautiful green train station

New company hall and office for Hortilife Holland

Green cycle bridge ‘Navigator’ in Katwijk (Holland)

Pool with green incline

Plantenmatten in Amsterdamse daktuin

Gemeente Berkelland

Begraafplaats Zeist

Begraafplaats Zedelgem

Gemeente Bussum

Border Project Luik met Waldsteinia

Gemeente Nieuwegein

Covergreen city green project

Ernst Baas Hoveniers (Sedummatten)

Onderhoudsvriendelijke tuin Zwolle

Vinca minor talud Sporthal St. Oedenrode

Gemeente Deventer (Rotonde)

Onderhoudsvriendelijke border Almelo

Project Luxemburg

Project Nieuwegein (Hedera)

Maintenance friendly garden

Waldsteinia tree tubs

Urn cemetry crematorium Döbeln

A strong cooperation with Ada Wille


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