Roof gardens in combination with Sedum surfaces | Rijk tuinen

container covered with Sedum green roof
Green roof on sea container
Sendum roof on container
use container as a shed
Sedum in combination with ornamental grasses
Sedum variegated plantings
Green roof on garden shed
Sedum green roof garden house
Sedum pitched roof

Rijk Tuinen from Wesepe (Holland) has applied our Sedum plant mats in a creative and natural way to various roof gardens. This diversity of plants and materials makes these roofs an interesting living environment for different organisms. It provides biodiversity and a more varied picture for the garden owner!


Rijk Gardens has already realized a lot of roof gardens. They create a wide variety of roof gardens with our products; from a standard fully Sedum covered roof to custom gardens where Sedum is combined with other plants and materials! If you want something different than a standard roof garden, Rijk Gardens is the right place for you!

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