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Covergreen Sedum
Covergreen Sedum
Covergreen Sedum
Covergreen Sedum


  • English name: stonecrop
  • Flowering: September and October
  • Flowers: big, dusky pink to brown red, flat umbels
  • Leaves: grey green
  • Soil: sandy and dry
  • Height: 5 to 15 cm



Our Sedum mixture contains species such as:

  • Sedum Delosperma
  • Sexangulare.
  • Reflexum
  • Floriferum
  • Album minor
  • Album Murale
  • Spurium
  • Acre
  • Cauticolum
  • Lydium


Additional information on Sedum:

Sedum belongs to the large family of succulents that adjust to their environment. To survive long droughts, the plant can store water in its leaves, which then swell and become round. Succulents are perfect for anyone who lacks a green thumb because they require hardly any care; For the same reason, they are often used for large projects or by municipalities. Sedum leaves break off easily, and in favourable conditions, these leaves will form new roots very quickly.


Sedum usually thrives well, regardless of its position, either in the shade or in the sun. It looks best when planted on a large area: a field or an incline filled with beautiful umbels of flowers truly is a feast for the eyes. After flowering, flowers and stalks should not be cut; they will stay at the plant the entire winter. Covered by some white frost or snow, they look fabulous again. The dead stems and flowers can be cut away in spring, when the plant starts sprouting at the bottom. The plant turns red during drought as a means of protection; a nice effect.


A lot of butterflies, bumblebees and bees visit Sedum during its flowering period. Sedum flowers look beautiful in a nice vase. Sedum is also used as roof vegetation, with several advantages: it looks good, protects the roof against wear and tear, increases warmth and sound insulation and catches part of the rainwater, so the sewer system is relieved. In addition, vegetated roofs create a better human living environment.

The Sedum plant mats do not require a lot of moisture or fertility of the soil; therefore, they are often used on inclines, columbariums and green roofs.

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