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Sedum (Stonecrop)

Covergreen Sedum
Covergreen Sedum
Covergreen Sedum
Covergreen Sedum


English name: Stonecrop


Sedum (also known as Stonecrop) adjusts easily to its circumstances. To survive a long period of draught, this plant can store water in its leaves, which will swell and become round.


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Features Sedum

  • Blooming color: purple, white, yellow
  • Flower: pale pink to brown red flat flower shields
  • Blooming period: June – October
  • Leaf color: grey green
  • Height: 5 to 15 cm
  • Standing spot: half shadow, sunny
  • Extremely perennial
  • Soil: sandy and dry



Our Sedum mix consists of the following species of Sedum:

  • Sedum Delosperma
  • Sedum Sexangulare
  • Sedum Reflexum
  • Sedum Floriferum
  • Sedum Album minor
  • Sedum Album Murale
  • Sedum Spurium
  • Sedum Acre
  • Sedum Cauticolum
  • Sedum Lydium


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Application Sedum

Sedum belongs to the large family of succulents. Our Sedum mats adjust fine to their environment and are an ideal choice for people without green fingers. They hardly need any maintenance. Therefor our Sedum mats are often deployed in large projects or municipalities. Even though the leaves break easily, in the right circumstances these leaves will root again quickly.



Maintenance Sedum



Sedum thrives in sun and shadow. She is at her best in a large surface: a complete field or slope with beautiful shield flowers is a feast for the eyes. After their bloom the flowers and stems will not be cut off. They will stay on the plants all winter long and give a stunning effect with frost or snow on it.


Pruning Sedum

Pruning is not really necessary for Sedum plant mats. The plants stay compact and low in growth. Cutting the dead flower stems is possible, but no must. Do so in spring, when the plant starts to sprout below.

You can decide to prune the mat. This will increase rejuvenation.  Dat brengt verjonging tot stand. By pruning Sedum you allow the cut off shoots to sprout again, which will keep your ground covering strong (for many years). Door Sedum af te knippen en de afgesnoeide spruiten opnieuw

This plant has the funny effect of coloring red, to protect itself in dry periods. During the blooming period, Sedum is being visited by a lot of butterflies, bumblebees and bees. And did you know the Sedum flowers look good in a beautiful vase?



A good organic fertilizer for Sedum roofs is the Myco-Sedum by EcoStyle. We advise fertilization in spring. It can be repeated after summer. In case of moss formation, you need to apply lime, because that means the soil is acid.


Keep Sedum weedfree

If you frequently (3 times a year) control your Sedum on blowed-in weed you can prevent weed growing in your Sedum plant mats.



When to install Sedum

Sedum is not demanding when it comes to a planting season. You can install it all year long.



Sedum roof covering

Next to ground covers, Sedum can be used as roof covers. In that case we offer ready to use cassettes with Sedum roof covering. With these cassettes you can beautify your roof, and your roof will last longer, have a better heat and sound isolation and the Sedum cassettes will collect rain water. Something that will relieve the sewer system.

Vegetated roofs also provide a better living environment for people. The Sedum plant mats require little in water and nutrition from the soil, therefor they are often installed on slopes, urn walls, green roofs and declines.


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Conversion factor

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