Renovating a green roof with ready-to-use Sedum cassettes

Courtyard with Sedum cassettes
Design a large roof garden courtyard
Green roof intensive and extensive
Green roof renovation with Sedum cassettes
Green roof with biodiversity
Repair Sedum roof
Roof garden maintenance
Sedum roof cassette
Sedum roof garden

The ready to use Sedum Cassettes by Covergreen are also really suitable for the larger green roofs. This special project in cooperation with Van der Put landscapers will show you.


Van der Put Landscapers have been renovating a large roof garden with our ready to use  Sedum cassettes. This beautiful green roof is surrounded by buildings, which makes it not only a roof garden, but also a green courtyard!

Good to know: Our Covergreen ready-to-use Sedum cassettes can easily be reinstalled or shifted when maintenance is needed.


If you want to know more, please check our Sedum cassettes product information.


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