Ground covers

Here you can find our different kinds of ground cover plants, with a range of different species of perennial plants and shrubs that help to make your border, public parks, garden or incline easy to maintain. The majority of the plants in our range are evergreen, and all plant mats are hardy. We have two types of Vinca minor in our range: Vinca minor (blue violet flowers) and Vinca minor “Alba” (white flowers). Waldsteinia, also known as barren strawberry, is a creeping ground cover plant that is fully hardy. Euonymus is one of the most salt-tolerant plants in our range.


Hedera, better known as ivy, is not only a climber, but it is also exceptionally well suited as a creeping ground cover plant for your border. Sedum plant mat are often used on green roofs, but they are at least as well suited for ditch banks and inclines. Geranium, also known as cranesbill, carries beautiful white flowers with pink stripes and tolerates drought well. Geranium and Nepeta are two types of ground cover plants that tolerate a sunny and dry position.

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