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Geranium cantabrigiense

Covergreen Geranium
Covergreen Geranium Biokovo
Covergreen Geranium
Covergreen Geranium


Cranesbill, Latin name: Geranium cantabrigiense ‘Biokovo’, is a perennial with half green leaves that demands very little of the soil, though it thrives best in a moist environment. Suitable for both sun and half shade/shade. The ground cover plant has a flat growth and during its flowering period, it has many white flowers with pale pink stripes and spots. Covergreen® Geranium is almost completely evergreen; its leaves turn partially red in wintertime. The leaves spread a pleasant smell.


Covergreen® Geranium is a ground cover plant that can grow for years without the need for trimming. However, like a number of other ground cover plant species, Geranium can be cut back with hedge-clippers until a height of at least 5 cm in order to keep the plant compact and stimulate the development of new leaves. The Geranium plant mats will keep their fresh and sturdy appearance when they are fertilised annually with  organic fertilisers.


Properties of Geranium:

  • Hardiness: good
  • Soil type: regular garden soil, requires sufficient moisture, prefers humous, permeable soil
  • Position: sun to half shade, sufficient moisture
  • Height: 15 – 25 cm
  • Leaves: almost completely evergreen, turns partially red in wintertime
  • Flower colour: white
  • Flowering period: Mai – July

Conversion factor

N pieces per m2







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