One year later, Covergreen® groundcovers on slope at pedestrian tunnel

Greening public spaces

Together with the  Van Ginkel group we reinstalled the pedestrian tunnel at the Train station in Coevorden (NL), one year ago. We shared those pictures at our project page. one growing season later we returned to the green foot tunnel, to show you the development of all this green.



More and more public space offers room for green. A positive development. A trend we find at the Coevorden train station. The do not guide their pedestrians down with steep concrete, but surrounded by beautiful green slopes. Unlike these vertical walls, angled slopes can be planted very well. these slopes give space and opportunity for more public green.



With this we see that public art in urban areas, like this pedestrian tunnel, can have a second goal. They support the amount of green and we can enlarge biodiversity in the urban areas. Within this diversity of green the following Covergreen® plant mats have been installed: Vinca minor and atropurpureaWaldsteiniaHederaNepeta and Geranium. These are completed with several species of plants and trees. The colorful and varied ensemble makes this green spot a bait for insects, like the endangered bees and butterflies.

Rinsing of ground

Rinsing of ground is always a real danger to slopes and angled walls. With the Covergreen® plant mats we eliminate this risk – by the existing roots of the plant mats – significant. the roots will connect with the soil within 3 weeks. This mesh of roots will tie the soil soon so it cannot be rinsed away anymore.


With the consideration of greening, especially at slopes – maintenance and added costs are a major issue. These negative aspects can be minimalized with our ready to use ground covers.


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