Ground covers

With the ready-made plant mats from Covergreen, the hardy ground cover from the very first moment does what it is supposed to do: cover the soil. As a result, the subsoil no longer receives any light and so weeds can not germinate. This principle reduces the maintenance frequency to a few times a year. This has a favorable effect on the maintenance costs of garden or park.

That’s how we get our slogan: Who counts, choose Covergreen!

Although the plant mats from Covergreen are more expensive to purchase than the regular planting of loose ground covers, the difference can be quickly recovered due to the savings on maintenance. The Covergreen® plant mats hardly need any maintenance after planting, there is virtually no failure and the mats are quickly ‘laid out’. All this together has a beneficial effect on the total costs in the longer term. The principle can be compared to the known grass mat. They are laid out in a short time and the result is right there. Therefore:

Who counts, follows the green line of Covergreen!



  • Directly grown result
  • Less labor during construction and maintenance
  • Directly the desired end result (with traditional plantings on average four years – or not at all)
  • The product is delivered on site
  • No loss (= drop-out)
  • Longer-term cheaper than regular planting
  • Will remain green and summer
  • Does not invite vandalism
  • No flushing optimums
  • Can also be applied to tree mirrors
  • Leads to fine dust reduction in urban areas

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