Ready-to-use plant mats
Easy as one, two, three

Covergreen® specialises in the production of ready-to-use plant mats. These ready-made ground covers can be installed easily and give an instant beautiful result. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Who is Covergreen
Vinca minor
Covergreen Vinca minor 'Alba'
vinca minor atropurpurea
Waldsteinia Ternata Golderdbeere
Covergreen Euonymus Fortunei
Covergreen Hedera
Covergreen Sedum
Covergreen® Geranium biokovo
nepeta faassenii

The Covergreen® ground covers: instant green result!

The Covergreen® ready-to-use ground cover mats are 38 x 57 cm. Because of the dense vegetation of hardy ground cover plants, weeds hardly get a chance to grow. The procedure and convenience are comparable to installation of grass mats: prepare the soil, lay down the mat, and that’s it!

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Low maintenance

Available all year

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Pool with green incline

Chamier & Mauth is one of our international dealers. They shared these beautiful pictures with us.   Last year our ready-to-use ground...

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Plantenmatten in Amsterdamse daktuin

Wencop brengt plantmatten aan op hoog niveau in Amsterdamse daktuin! Onze klanten blijven ons verrassen met bijzondere projecten. Dit keer was het W...

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Gemeente Berkelland


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Begraafplaats Zeist


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This new website also has a lists of Covergreen® dealers. You can filter them on distance and category.  But we also added some new features. The...

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Spring in our greenhouse

Spring is here next week. A fact we cannot deny in our greenhouses. Cuttings start to grow, plants are sprouting, and the first mats are already in bl...

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National Arbor Day

Each year in March at Boomfeestdag (Arbor Day) we give our trees some extra attention. This years theme is “Make the outside better!” With the cli...

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