Vinca minor ‘Atropupurea’ Project by Trawniki expert (Poland)

Vinca minor 'Atropupurea' op heuvel
Aanleg Vinca minor 'Atropupurea'

We sometimes receive beautiful pictures from customers that surprise us. This time also from our reseller from Poland Trawniki expert. Delivered to an unusual green project in the new Diuna Park Warsaw.


The Polish architectural firm MJZ in collaboration with, among others, experts responsible for the green design – iGreen Architektura Landscape and the contractor of the green design – Ilex Ogrody.


In Diuna Park you will discover a unique space where our Covergreen plant mats, have been applied with a lot of creativity. This harmonious combination makes Park Diuna a real oasis of nature in the heart of the city.


We are proud that Covergreen plant mats have found their place in Diuna Park and have added a unique atmosphere and aesthetic. It is a perfect example of how ecology and beauty can work together to create an unforgettable place of relaxation in the city center.


Park design: architectural firm MJZ


Green design: iGreen Landscape Architecture


Green version: Ilex Ogrody


Polish Distributor of Covergreen: Trawniki Expert

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