Plantmats present during the World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

Vergroenen boomspiegels
Boomspiegel klaarmaken voor beplanting
Bodembedekkers op boomspiegel aanplanten
Boomspiegels met plantenmatten
Covergreen Vinca minor 'Alba', Nepeta en Geranium
Plantenmatten midden geleider
Covergreen vegetatie
Plantenmatten mix
Stads vergroening met bodembedekkers

The World Athletics Championships were held in Budapest, Hungary from Saturday, August 19 to Sunday, August 27.


The street “Andrassy ut” in Budapest was flowered up with the help of our plantmats and prepared for the Marathon! The treebases are planted with the help of our plantmats. The Covergreen Nepeta, Covergreen Vinca minor ‘Alba’ and Covergreen Geranium were used for this project.



It is interesting to see how the contractor Gardenkft has blown away the soil between the roots using compressed air. The old soil is blown away and removed in no time. New humus-rich soil was then replaced. This has given the plant mats a better basis to grow on.


It was nice for us to see products from our nursery during this international Marathon.

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