Tree base planting: easy, quick and instant green

Tree base planting
Groundcovers underneath a tree
Tree base
Round tree base
Plants suitable for a tree base Vinca minor
Tree base planting
Groundcovers underneath a tree
Tree base
Round tree base
Plants suitable for a tree base Vinca minor

A lot of our ground covers have been planted underneath a tree base. Our plant mats are really suitable for tree base planting! It is a solution which covers the tree base immediately in green. A tree base with ground covers has several benefits, which we will explain on this page.



What is a tree base?

The surface under the dripline of a tree, around the trunk, is called a tree base. The heart of the tree base is the place where the trunk is growing. It is preferable to give the tree base the same size as the tree’s crown. The ideal size of a tree base will grow along with the crown of the tree.



What is the importance of Tree base planting?

The roots of a tree are situated underneath the tree base. This is where the tree gets its air, moist and nutrition. Therefore it is important for the wellbeing of the tree to use an open tree base, instead of a paved / hardened one. By hardened tree bases we mean tiles, clinkers or other materials which will seal the soil. An open tree base without hardening provided the tree’s roots with oxygen and water, and prevents the soil from compacting. The soil can absorb the water, instead of letting it rinse through the drainage; an open tree base provides water storage. During a hot summer you want to prevent your limited water supply from rinsing away. An open tree base provides oxygen, water and enough soil life for a tree, essential parts for a healthy growth.

An open tree base exists from soil. Weed, grass or plants can grow onto this soil. Weed is usually unwelcome, but is often the only one which will grow automatically. You can choose to weed and hoe the tree base, to control the weed. Hoeing is difficult on a tree base, because of the tree’s roots. You can also damage the roots. Therefor grass or the right tree base planting are a better alternative, which will also provide a neat appearance.



Why Covergreen® ground covers as tree base planting?

Have you ever been hiding under a tree, against rain or sunshine? A tree provides a dry and shady spot. It can be an advantage for people, but not always for plants!

Tree bases are a difficult spot for plants to develop, because perennials have to compete with the tree they’re under. Competing for rainwater, nutrition and daylight. The average plant will develop less under a tree base than in a border. This is where our ready to use ground covers are the solution.

Our plant mats are pre-grown in a greenhouse and fully grown as a dense vegetation mat. Plant mats do not need to develop under a tree anymore, to cover the soil. They provide an instant maintenance friendly and covered tree base. The plant mats only need to root into the soil to keep their size. The result is a beautiful dense growing on the tree base, instantly after installing. Our plant mats give you an advantage of years and sometimes even an result you cannot reach with loose tree base planting.



Easy and instant green tree base planting

You install our plant mat on top of the soil, in stead of planting it into the soil. Not only do you save time, but you buy convenience! You do not need to dig between the roots of the tree anymore.



Which ground cover is suitable for a tree base?

Most ground covers from our assortment are suitable as tree base planting. They just have their own characteristics which are more or less fitting for your situation. Therefore we always advise to discuss your circumstances with one of our advisors for the optimal tailored advice.



Tree base planting with ground covers, what to do?

Loosen the soil of the tree base and try to avoid the roots of the tree. Level the soil of the tree base. This can be difficult because of the roots. It is best to add a thin layer of soil onto the tree base, to cover all roots. A leveled soil makes sure alle roots of the plant mats make contact with the soil beneath.

If the tree base consists sandy soil, low in nutrients, it is best to add a soil enhancer to the top layer. Make sure the soil contains enough water when you install the plant mats: the roots will look for moist immediately and therefor root better.

When the surface is equally raked and moist, you can start to install the plant mats, just lay them down easily, one by one on top of the tree base. On top of the tree base: no extra effort needed to install them between the roots! Just lay them down and the roots of the plant mats will find their way to the soil!



Points of attention with a green planted tree base

When a tree has a large crown and thick leaves, it can prevent the rain from reaching the tree base. In these situations you have to keep an eye on the moisture content of the soil. If the soil is too dry, you need to add water, to make sure the ground covers can survive.

In autumn you need to keep an eye on the amount of leaves on the ground. Make sure the ground covers will not suffocate underneath a thick layer of leaves, by removing the leaves every now and then.



If you need more information or advise, please contact us or chat directly with one of our employeeswe are pleased to help you.

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