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Flat roof with solar panels and sedum
Green roof on outbuilding with swimming pool
Green roof Sedum
Sedum cassettes next to solar panels
Sedum in combination with solar energy
Sedum roof cassettes
Sedum sprouts
Solar panels and green roof
Sustainability on the roof

Kok Hoveniers from Ridderkerk has realized a nice project using Sedum cassettes. Kok hoveniers now has the necessary experience with the application of Sedum roof cassettes on various roofs. On this roof, the cassettes are combined with solar panels! Green combined with green energy is something we will see more and more often. It is said that solar panels give a better efficiency at lower ambient temperatures. Green is known to lower the temperature of the environment. This makes the combination of a green roof with solar panels an efficient combination. The advantage of cassettes is that you can easily remove them during maintenance on the roof and put them back undamaged after the work has been completed.


If you are also interested in a green roof with Sedum roof cassettes, please contact Kok hoveniers from Ridderkerk and ask about the possibilities.

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