Waldsteinia tree tubs

Waldsteinia Boomspiegels covergreen
Waldsteinia Boomspiegels covergreen
Waldsteinia Boomspiegels covergreen

Thanks to Maranus Groenvoorziening Gouda’s market place is a little greener. And more beautiful. 


Maranus Groenvoorziening has planted our ready-to-use plant mats Waldsteinia in beautiful heightened tree tubes. The Waldsteinia is really suitable for tree tubes, because of its resistance to drought and shadow, and its quick and easy growth. Tree tubes seem hard to plant, but with our ready-to-use ground covers you no longer have a problem. The plant mats give a direct and strong result.

Waldsteinia is a fast growing ground cover which does not require much, but gives even more: a hardy ground cover with a beautiful bright yellow bloom in spring.

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