Our ground cover project in Hungary – 4 months later (Vinca minor and Waldsteinia)

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We are pleased to share this update with you. Architect Márta Nágel-Fischer and Gábor Pottyondy have sent us these pictures from our common project 4 months ago in Budapest, Hungary. The result is a maintenance friendly garden for an association of owners.


The owners demand was to install a maintenance friendly and green garden around their apartments in Budapest. A challenge Márta and Gábor were pleased to accept. They designed and installed a beautiful green district place in the middle of town, with the use of our ready to use ground covers. We could definitely say that the goal to create a maintenance friendly garden has been achieved.

The designers stumbled upon some challenges, with heigh difference and slopes. An uncomfortable situation to install a garden, ánd to maintain it. They were looking for a solution to place maintenance friendly green on those slopes. The Covergreen ready to use ground covers are this solution. Not only can you install the plant mats quick and easy, they also connect to the soil in a short amount of time so this does not rinse. The result: instant green slopes and a minimum of maintenance needed.


Dripper system  

Budapest knows high temperatures and long dry summers. To maintain your garden even in dry periods, the whole project is provided with a dripper system. Not only does it save you a lot of time, it provides the plants with water all year long. Conclusion: mission accomplished! Even after 4 months our Vinca minor and Waldsteinia plant mats are strong, and even more pretty. They are heat resistant and winter hard. Even more, this garden is of huge importance to the expansion of urban green and the matching biodiversity. This makes our ready to use ground covers a sustainable and beautiful solution.


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