Classic green garden at a beautiful manor

A stunning project by Gardeners ‘Johan Wolters’.

The beautiful classic manor ‘Den Menop (Mennen = carriage driving)’ has been rebuilt completely. Dutch television broadcasted the entire adventure in the show Your own dream house. Manor ‘Den Menop’ has been named in the 19th century in several sources, and is completely renovated by now.


The courtyard has been renewed as well. Local gardener Johan Wolters has been using the ready to use solution by Covergreen. In this design they considered the look and function of the original garden.

History translated

Back in the old days, transport was done by carriage with horses. Because this combination was not able to drive backwards, all manors were provided with a round driveway. These classic lines have been used by Johan to give this country house its classic look.

Gardener Johan Wolters installed Covergreen® Euonymus fortunei ‘Hort’s Blaze’, a powerful ground cover with some extra height, which provides more volume to the garden.


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