Private project with Sedum for a green roof

Covergreen sedum roof ready-to-use cassettes
Covergreen Sedum
Covergreen sedum ready-to-use

Green roofs are not only pretty, but also important for the environment

With green roofs you improve biodiversity in your own neighbourhood and garden.


With this beautiful private project the barn in the back of the garden is covered with the Covergreen ready to use Sedum cassettes. Installing a green roof has never been easier! No need to install an extra drainage and substrate layer beneath the Sedum plant mats. These cassettes make a simple klick-and-go system, and are as easy to install as our ready to use ground covers. Additionally, you can remove and reinstall the cassettes again.


Green roofs offer lots of benefits. For your house or yard, because Sedum plant mats provide isolation, they include water when it rains and exclude it again when needed. Sedum has an possitive effect on your energy bills and block outside noise. Of course, it also benefits the environment. For are all aware of the necessity of biodiversity, even more in urban area. A green roof means more insects, butterflies and bees. it also takes in fine dust and provides a better air quality. Last but not least a green roof is a beautiful and maintenance friendly roof!


Apply of Sedum roof covering

Our Covergreen® Sedum cassettes can be installed all year long. When installed they barely need any maintenance, because of the tray with sustainable substrate. Because of the mineral components, no extra fertilization is needed, but will improve even more quality and a long life to the Sedum. We recommend fertilization with a high quality fertilizer, like Ecostyle. Did you know the substrate adds extra water buffering power to the Sedum? This means your Sedum ground covers are always provided with enough moist.


Sedum ground covers

Beside our ready to use Sedum cassettes we offer our Covergreen® Sedum ground covers. These plant mats are not provided with a cassette, drainage layer and water buffering substrate.

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