Vinca minor ‘Alba’ by Corné Batenburg

Ground preperation for groundcovers
Planting area for perennials
One ground cover Vinca minor
Planting perennials
Maintanance friendly garden with perenials
Covergreen evergreen carpet
maintanance friendly green
New ready to use groundcovers
Strip of periwinkle

We would like to share this beautiful new construction project with you. In cooperation with Corné Batenburg Hoveniers our Vinca minor ‘Alba’ has been installed in this tight maintenance friendly garden. 


The Vinca minor ‘Alba’ is the white blooming version of our Vinca ground covers.  Beautiful bright green leaves with a long bloom, where the white flowers contrast perfectly and fresh. Corné Batenburg Hoveniers installed these easy plant mats to create maintenance friendly planting areas. They complete the tight style of the property and the rest of the garden.  The dripping installation finishes this maintenance friendly garden: it provides the ready to use plant mats during dry periods with the right amount of water. We recommend to water your plants in the morning, so they will enter the night with dry leaves. 

Check out the result!

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