Groundcovers underneath a roller coaster

Vinca minor and Waldsteinia ternata
Vinca minor en Waldsteinia ternata on a steep slope
Installing Vinca minor groundcovers on a slope

We can show you a very special project: our Swedish dealer Urbangreen was asked for ground covers by Lunapark Gröna Lund in Stockholm. From now you will spot our plant mats underneath one of the rollercoasters. Exiting!


Jörgen Lundberg, our contact at Urbangreen, sent us these stunning pictures. The Lunapark Gröna Lund asked for more and maintenance friendly green in their park! Not a problem for our ready-to-use ground covers. Together with Urbangreen we picked our plant mats Covergreen Vinca minor and Covergreen Waldsteinia ternata, which have been installed on a slope underneath one of the roalercoasters! So for the observant passenger: keep your eyes open and admire our plant mats! The plant mats are also installed in several tree tubes.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of ready-to-use ground covers on slopes and tree tubes, check out our applications.

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