Custom made plant mat with Koeleria grass

koeleria maatwerk

Urbangreen is one of Covergreens largest dealers in Scandinavia. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, they have been delivering and installing our products for years in the far north. Urbangreen is well known for its special green roof gardens.


In Holland, when we think of roof gardens, we mostly consider a roof with a thin layer of green. In Sweden however, a roof garden is literally a ROOF GARDEN. Complete parks have been installed on top of houses and flats. They also provide beautiful green indoor gardens and courtyards.


Custom made

This time we had the opportunity to create a special project for Urbangreen: a custom made plant mat with Koeleria. A special grass that thrives in our greenhouse climate. At the pictures you see the result in our green house, and some examples of the roof gardens installed by Urbengreen. We will share the end result soon at our website. If you want to know more the possibilities of custom made plants mats, please check our website.


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