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Our plant mats are known for quite some benefits. Most are well known by now: easy to install, instant green result and maintenance friendly. But did you know that, by installing the Covergreen ground covers, you increase biodiversity? Particularly the Geranium cantabrigiense and the Nepeta are a huge attraction to the bees, butterflies and other insects.


Biodiversity is more and more becoming a global issue. But what does it mean exactly? Literally, Biodiversity means life and variety. Very important, because these different species in nature are keeping each other balanced and going.

Unfortunately this balance is being disturbed. Amongst others by urbanization and pesticides. Thankfully more and more people are aware of biodiversity’s necessity, by which we can make a real difference.


Back to our plant mats. Our ready-to-use ground covers can store water, fine dust and turn CO2 into oxygen. But they are also very important to maintain or even increase biodiversity. Particularly the blooming Geranium and Nepeta offer a strong color and fragrance, that’s appealing to bees and other insects.

The wild bees are struggling, but they are a immense value to our nature. They take care of pollination and with that of the growth and blooming of our vegetables, fruit and other plants.


We can tell you so much more, but for now we let our images speak for it selves. Because next to biodiversity, our Geranium and Nepeta are also a beautiful gain to your garden and public green spaces. Want to know more? Please contact us.


PS: If you take a good look, you will see the bees are tracing our Geranium even inside our green houses!



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