Roundabout planting, maintenance friendly and save

Roundabout with Hedera helix 'Woerner'groundcovers
Planting a roundabout with groundcovers
Easy to maintaine Roundabout
Maintenance friendly Roudabout
Roundabout with Hedera helix 'Woerner'groundcovers
Planting a roundabout with groundcovers
Easy to maintaine Roundabout
Maintenance friendly Roudabout

The Covergreen® plant mats are really suitable for roundabout planting. The Covergreen® ground cover brings several benefits to the roundabout. Check out the installing of our plant mats on a roundabout in Deventer, the Netherlands.



More safety by maintenance friendly roundabout planting

Installing plant mats on roundabouts improves the safety. Installing plant mats is fast, and because weed can hardly sprout this roundabout planting is really maintenance friendly. Especially at roundabouts where speed is an issue, frequent maintenance is dangerous. The Covergreen® plant mats decrease the amount of maintenance needed and the roundabout looks nice green and well-kept. This way your green employees can work on other, safer places because of this roundabout planting. It is also safer for road users, because road users won’t be distracted by roundabout maintenance. Traffic distractions also can cause dangerous situations.

Covergreen® offers several plant mats which are suited as roundabout planting. Please contact us for more information. Surprise your surroundings with the instant result and the beautiful looks of a green roundabout.



Marketing on a roundabout

You want to advertise your company and therefor hire or adopt a roundabout. Your billboard will be installed on one of those beautiful roundabouts and will be spotted by thousands of people driving by each day. Or maybe you are working for a municipal which is looking for the best solution for the green maintenance of your roundabouts.

Roundabouts need to be planted and maintained on a regular base. You can outsource this to a gardener or to other companies. Fact is: it will cost you a considerable amount of money and time. But there is another option:



Maintenance friendly roundabout planting

Of you rent a roundabout, you want your roundabout to look cared for and free of weed. Preferable without much maintenance. The ready to use plant mats by Covergreen® provide the perfect solution. These ground covers can be installed quick and easy and provide a green, grown and dense result. This makes the Covergreen® ground covers the ideal roundabout planting. With their main feature: they prevent weed from sprouting, and your roundabout needs just a little maintenance.

Our ground covers are being used, amongst others, in maintenance friendly borders. They only need two simple maintenance rounds each year. Removing some incidental weed, fertilizing and cutting the edges to improve the roundabouts appearance. The ready to use ground covers are not only maintenance friendly, they also improve safety. First of all, the gardeners or green employees will be less present around intense traffic situations. Secondly: maintaining the roundabout will also cause distraction for other road users and therefor more danger.

Do you want to rent or adopt a roundabout, or do you want to lease roundabouts as a municipal? Please contact Covergreen® to discuss the different possibilities for maintenance friendly roundabout planting. Our plant mats are really suitable for roundabouts and provide an instant green result. We offer several species, like Waldsteinia or the slightly higher Nepeta. Or you can combine different sorts of ground covers.

If you need more information or advise, please contact us or chat with one of our employees, we are pleased to help you.

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