One tile out; one plant mat in!

New in Covergreens assortment: the 30×30 plant mat! 

More green in your garden is a beautiful and easy way to prevent the results of climate change and to improve your environment. Maybe you have heard of the tile-campaign: remove 1 tile of your garden or front yard and you receive a free plant in return. But with this exchange, you also get some maintenance and empty soil. Covergreen brings the perfect solution: a plant mat with the size of a tile, 30×30 cm! Say Yes to green and no to maintenance! Of course we offer this special ground cover in a large range of plants. And: your tile will be replaced perfectly.


A green environment has quite some benefits. Our plant mats can collect fine dust and CO2 and deliver oxygen in exchange. A green ground can collect water, but you have to drain it with a tiles and concrete soil. Research also shows that plants can lower the ambient temperature, precisely in urban areas. And: green corners are important for bees, butterflies and birds. More green can even lower noise pollution.

Next to these environmental benefits, green is also good for you. Not only brings it clean air, but a green environment improves your mood and health. People who live in green areas, are more healthy, less ill and feel better.



Therefor Covergreen® brings a new campaign: One tile out; one plant mat in! We have been developing a new plant mat, with the size of a common tile (30×30 cm). It’s as easy as it gets! 😉 With this ground cover you can replace a square part of grey for some healthy and beautiful green. Of course you can exchange as many tiles as you want!

Together we can make our environment better, healthier and more beautiful.

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