An educational company trip to Emsflower

A few weeks ago we where invited to Europe’s biggest flowerbed and potting soil nursery: Emsflower. It is mostly known as the ‘Erlebnispark’ (experience center), and a recommendation for all to visit this place for a (family) trip. You will find beautiful greenhouses and a butterfly garden.. For us it was a special look behind the scenes at a world player in green nursery.


Dennis Klein Boonschate: “It was amazing. Everything is atomized and robotized, for me Emsflower is a real example of a company that’s ready for the future. Emsflower is near Holten, right across the German border. We are grateful for this given opportunity.”


As a team we where impressed by the extend of the technic, and the greenhouses, we enjoyed it a lot! It was an educational and interesting trip. Thanks to Emsflower!

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