Covergreen at the Organization of Cemeteries

The LOB, the Dutch national Organization of Cemeteries, organizes studies frequently for their members. With that the employees of cemeteries stay in touch and informed about the latest developments. 


At the 14th of November Dennis Klein Boonschate and Frits Smit were invited on behalf of Covergreen to be present at one of these studies. This event was mainly about technical scholarship and Biodiversity. Both for Covergreen and the members it was an educational and interesting day. This day was not about the individual grave, but about the complete cemetery. All green space around the personal spots, that are taken care for by their relatives. The main focus was about the enlargment of ecological value from the cemetery, to give space to plants, insects and organisms at these special places.

With 80 to 100 cemeteries present, Covergreen could show the convenience and benefits of our ready-to-use ground covers for cemeteries.
At the Projects page you will find several examples of our pleasant and long-time cooperation with Ada Wille, whom created the most beautiful designs in cemeteries and urn walls.


PS: In our article from the 18th of October you will read more about the ready-to-use plant mats and what they can do for Biodiversity.

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