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We are proud to present our latest Covergreen® product: Covergreen® Sedumroof Casettes. These Sedum roof trays are covered with several species of Sedum vegetation, which cover your roof with Sedum, quick and easy.


The individual Covergreen® Sedum Cassettes are easy to connect and provide an instant green result. The current Covergreen® Sedumroof total should be build layer by layer, but because of the simple installation of these Sedum trays there is no change of mistakes. And: the Covergreen® Sedum Cassettes can be installed all year round.

The Sedum tray has a layer of substrate that offers a long life because of its mineral components. This substrate offers also an important power to buffer water during heavy raining. In a dry period, the Sedum plants take advantage of these supplies. A fertilizer is no necessity, but we recommend it to keep the quality of your Sedum roof as high as possible. Fertilizers like Ecostyle provides offer a precisely tuned compotion.

If you need to reach your roof, the modular Covergreen® Sedum Cassettes are easy to remove and to reinstall.

Technical data
Format: L57 x B38 cm x H8 cm (4,6 tray per m²)
Dry weight: 53 kg / m²
Saturated weight: 77 kg / m²

Next to these ready-to-use Sedum Cassettes Covergreen offers the well-known Sedum plant mats, intended for ground covering. These are just Sedum plant mats, which can be installed on normal soil, but do not contain a cassette, drainage layer or water buffering substrate.

Want to know more about the benefits of a green roof , like water  buffering, isolation and environmental improvement? You can read it here.

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