Renovation war monument

Monument beplanting

‘The Urker War monument’ has been exposed to all kinds of weather. Reason enough for the Urker municipality to renovate this special monument.


Urk started the renovation late 2019, and completely renewed this war monument. The brick steps and flower boxes are now plated with hard stone. They also renewed the walls and paving.

The current plantation at the driveway and behind the monument had been growing high and overgrown.

These plants have been replaces by a antracite concrete tile, which combines perfectly with our Vinca minor, in the royal colours ‘Atropurperea’ (red), ‘Alba’, (white) and minor (blue). All the high bushes have been replaces by our ready to use plant mat Euonymus.

There is a beautiful Red Beed Hedge around this monument. This has been enlarged all the way to the driveway. The result: a beautiful and colourful ensemble, in the Dutch red-white-blue.

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