Applications explained: groundcover of a slope

In the coming period we will devote a number of articles to explain a number of applications for Covergreen. This article is about a slope/sloping ramp.

Examples of slopes

If there is a height difference on a small surface there is most likely a slope. An example of a slope where groundcover is used on a regular base are the slopes of a bicycle tunnel. Both sides are finished as a green slope which lead you into the tunnel.

In the architecture of commercial properties it’s common to see green slopes. The slope serves as the foot of the building, the ground is placed against the side of the building en gives a nice and friendly transition.

Shares of ditches, canals or water are in general hard to maintain. Groundcover are able to offer a solution to a slope adjacent to water for a maintainfriendly solution.

On cemeteries groundcover is used on green covered hill for urns. Besides these examples there are many more situations where our groundcover is used.

Why plant mats on a slope

The use of plant mats on these slopes is because of the following advantages. Plantmats avoid forward of soil of the slope. Just like any other situation offers the Covergreen groundcover on a slope direct result. The biggest advantage on a slope is the maintainfriendly character of the plant mat, normally the maintanance of slopes is hard to execute.

Water retention plant mat

The absorbent function of the substrate on which Covergreen is grown act as a temporary water buffer. The substrate can gradually release rainwater to the plant and the excess will be drained in the ground of the slope. The powerful roots of the solid plants makes sure that the ground beneath the plant is bound. The roots bring structure to the slope and prefent forward soil and sag of ground.

Till what angle can groundcover be applied?

With the Covergreen plant mats are many possibilities till an angle of 50 degrees. Optional ground pins take care of the first anchor immediately after placing the mats. After three weeks the roots are attached to the ground which makes the pins unnecessary

Especially suitable voor slopes are the following species:

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