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This spring you have given all to your garden. You planted a lot of cuttings and sowed the soil. This summer you had a garden in bloom. That makes you happy! But in autumn you see the green and colours leave again. And in winter your garden turn into a desolate place. You hope the colours will return in spring, but unfortunately.. You can start all over again…


Do you recognize this? It can be fixed! Or even better: you can prevent this! With perennial plants and ground covers you give yourself the gift of a green and blooming garden,  every year again. We tell you more in this article.



What does perennial or hardy mean?

Evergreen vs. Perennial

Which plants are perennial?

Which ground covers are perenial?

Maintenance friendly

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What does perennial or hardy mean?

Perennial or hardy means a plant or ground cover can survive the local winters without extra protection. If a plant our ground cover is not perennial, it can break or even die when it freezes. This can be prevented by covering the plant or even take it inside. Or by covering the ground covers. A lot of work and not always sufficient. In any case it is not ideal.


Evergreen vs. perennial

A perennial plant or groundcover is not by definition an evergreen. There is a substantial difference. Perennial plants and ground covers can survive winter without protection. Evergreen plants and ground covers are not only hardy, but keep their green leaves in winter time.


The Covergreen ground covers that are grown and delivered by us are all perennial. Most of them are also evergreen. With these multitaskers you ensure yourself of a blooming and fully covered area. Year after Year.


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What are perennial plants?

Perennial plants are plants which can survive in wintertime without extra covering or protection. These plants make new stems, leaves and flowers and will return in spring.


Perennial plants can be split up in 2 sorts: deciduous plants and evergreen plants. Deciduous plants die above the ground and withdraw underground. Only to return after winter. This withdrawing protects them from the cold. Evergreen plants keep their leaves. Even in winter time.


Tip: do not clean all of the fallen leafs, to protect the plants, roots and nature in your garden. And consider that plants in pots are more sensitive to freezing.


Which ground cover is perennial?

Perennial ground covers are ground covers that can handle the normal local winter conditions. The plants can change above the ground, but will return in spring. Perennial plants from Holland are there for resistant to frost.


It is not obvious that a ground cover is perennial. Please check this before purchasing. All of the Covergreen ground covers are perennial. And most of them are evergreen also. They are strong, and assure your garden of years of joy and a nice view.


One of the strongest and most perennial ground covers is the barren strawberry (Waldsteinia). These are extremely cold resistant. The Cranesbill (Geranium) and catnip (Nepeta) are known for their heat resistance, but can also survive the Dutch winters without extra help. Beside this we have some special ground covers, like Geranium and the spindle (Euonymus), which change their colours in autumn.


Little Maintenance

Besides being perennial and evergreen, our ground covers show more benefits. They thrive in shadow and on slopes. And, of course, they are delivered ready-to-use. They are already full in bloom and green. And once the ground covers are installed, you have an instant green result. No more open or dead spots or waiting for the result.


Our ground covers need little to no maintenance, because they are delivered in special plant mats. Installing is quick and fast and after that you only have to enjoy the result. Thanks to the plant mats the ground covers are really maintenance friendly. Because of the dense vegetation weed can hardly grow. And the ground covers need nothing more than some water and a (half) yearly portion of fertilizer.


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